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We are Simon and Marek, two individuals with a passion for making models. We love the precision, the detail, and the challenge of making complex designs look lifelike in miniature.

Form 3D was founded in 2009, and we have over 25 years experience working for London’s leading modelmaking companies.


At our workshop in Brixton, we focus on producing high-quality architectural models and we also like to utilise our skills on other types of work, such as custom-made office fittings, prototypes and trophies.


We work with Architects, designers and artists, and we provide a unique service to other modelmaking companies, offering project support that requires specific expertise. Our extensive knowledge in CAD drawing, 3D Printing, Laser cutting and CNC machining enables us to optimise the design and production process to meet tight deadlines.


We are always excited to hear about new opportunities or chat about potential projects, and make something unique together.


Architectural Modelmaking

3 Axis CNC machining

Creating and fixing files for 3D printing

Advanced Rhino 3D drawing

Laser cutting and engraving


Andrew Ingham and Associates

David Mach

Foster + Partners


Kandor Modelmakers

Loci Interiors Ltd

Pipers Modelmakers

Studio Sielern Architects

Surgison Bates Architects



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